3 Tips to Make Your Expensive Shoes Last Longer and Look Better

Taking good care of one’s shoes is an obligatory and preliminary duty for all members of the military, irrespective of the concerned nation. In fact, dressing for the occasion and looking dapper at formal events is also very much a part of the universal military culture.

Whether you have ever served or not is irrelevant here, because it’s a lesson that everyone should take to heart. After all, the defending forces have influenced fashion extensively throughout history and that’s not without good reason. Taking a cue from them, here are five tips to keep your expensive shoes look better and last longer.

Treat Each Shoe in Accordance with Its Manufacturing Material

How you take care of your shoes will vary, depending on the material that it was manufactured from. For example, a pair of real leather brogues may look identical to a pair made from artificial leather, but they are certainly not the same when it comes to maintenance. Similarly, a pair of canvas trainers does not share the same cleaning rules as a pair of insulated polyester boots. Always check to confirm what the shoe is made of, before deciding on how to maintain it.

Build Your Kit

It is essential for every fashion-conscious individual to own one or more kits for shoe maintenance. Some even build multiple kits, each dedicated to caring for a specific type of shoe. For example, check out the Saphir shoe polish from, which is an essential shoe care product for anyone who owns even a single pair of formal shoes. Other than the polish, you will also want your shoe care kit to have:

  1. Protective lotions and creams for leather and suede shoes.
  2. Rejuvenating lotions and creams for leather and suede shoes.
  3. Polishing creams that match your shoes’ original shade as closely as possible.
  4. Cream applicators.
  5. Cleaning solutions for leather and suede shoes.
  6. Brushes made for leather shoe maintenance.
  7. Cleaning solutions for canvas trainers.
  8. Cleaning solutions for polyester boots.
  9. Brushes made for suede shoes and no, they are not the same as those used to care for regular leather.
  10. Cleaning brushes of varying hardness.

Don’t Emerge Your Shoes in Water Unless It’s a Waterproof Pair

While most of us are aware that washing your leather and suede shoes in water is a bad idea, know that even trainers are not suited for such treatment. There are cleaning solutions and dry methods to clean any and all types of shoes, so try not to wash any pair by emerging it in water. The only exception to this rule would be rubber shoes or any other pair that’s rated as waterproof.

As a rule, try to stay away from cheap pairs, irrespective of the material. Good shoes last long, especially when kept in good care, making the cost well worth it. Cheap, poorly made shoes will betray you at the most unexpected of occasions and maintenance does very little to lengthen their life. It’s all about quality over quantity, especially for men’s shoes.

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