4 Often Overlooked Elements to Keep in Mind When Opening a Hotel

You’ve made the decision: you’re opening a hotel. This is an exciting industry to enter, particularly if you have a passion for hospitality. It’s also one that is in little danger of disappearing in the long term, as people will continue to travel across the world for business or pleasure. 

With that said, the experience of running a hotel has become more challenging since the rise of platforms such as Airbnb. It’s also essential to stand out from the crowd on the various accommodation booking platforms available. Get it right, however, and you can enjoy plenty of financial rewards. 

When starting a hotel, you will understandably focus on aspects like location, facilities offered, and the target demographic. However, there are various other factors, ones which can be easily overlooked, that might mean the difference between your hotel succeeding or failing. Read on for more on four of these factors.

Room Extras 

When trying to impress your guests, it’s essential that you go above and beyond. This is especially the case when it comes to the rooms. As well as being welcoming and relaxing, the rooms need to be packed with comforts and touches of luxury. 

As to what these can be, the possibilities are virtually infinite. Consider the following in-room features:

  • High-end toiletries and bath bombs
  • A refrigerator with a complimentary bottle of milk
  • Free snacks and drinks 
  • Premium coffee- and tea-making facilities
  • A booklet promoting the local area

The Need to Recycle

Recycling is becoming more important than ever. As a result, your hotel needs to go in an eco-friendly direction. Do this not just for the environment: being more eco-friendly can also boost the productivity and reputation of your business. 

Instead of leaving recyclable waste to accumulate until it is added to the regular garbage, this waste can be sorted with a baler, such as those available at This will ensure the recyclable waste is easy to manage and dispose of in a regulated manner. 

Technological Treats

People want to be connected to the internet all the time, so you need to support this need as best you can. Therefore, it is vital you utilize free, fast Wi-Fi, and make sure it is accessible throughout the hotel. The last thing you want is for the internet to be slow or inaccessible in certain rooms of the property. 

Internet access is only the start of the technological treats in store for your guests. Did you know the average US household has 11 connected devices, and this number is only going to get higher? The takeaway? Each room at your hotel should boast plenty of power outlets for these devices. Other technology-based considerations include smart TV’s or even a personal assistant linked to room functions (such as lights and curtains). 

Partner with Local Businesses

If your hotel doesn’t have the space to provide certain facilities, there’s still the option of partnering with local businesses. 

As an example, if you can’t supply an on-site gym, you could offer passes to an affiliated fitness center. Additionally, if there’s no space to supply any kind of food at the hotel, you might opt to provide exclusive coupons for a nearby restaurant. 


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