5 Tips for Looking After Your Dog

Dogs can truly make a house a home and are loving additions to any family. In order to look after your dog in the best way, here are 5 key tips. 

  1. Provide a Safe and Comfortable Space

Your dog needs a happy, clean, and safe place to move around when they’re at home, and what’s better is if you have outdoor access so that your dog can roam around the yard at will, too. Keep on top of cleaning and tidying so that your dog (and your household) can always enjoy the time they spend at home. 

Of course, this is even more important if you have a very large dog. Your dog will then need enough room to comfortably navigate around the home, so small or cramped spaces will be no good for larger breeds (which is something to consider before choosing a breed, if you have a small home). 

  1. Be Sure to Understand How Much Exercise They Need

Your dog will need an adequate exercise plan, both to avoid obesity through staying active, and for mental stimulation. Your dog’s exercise needs will depend entirely on their breed and how active their personality is. As a general rule, however, one good walk in the morning and in the evening is the least they will need to stay active and healthy. 

  1. Plan Your Dog’s Wellness Routine

There are plenty of healthcare requirements your dog will need on a regular basis, which you’ll need to keep on top of. This includes worming treatment, flea treatment, and regular vaccinations, like with a professional dog vaccination in Midlothian veterinary clinic. 

While regular wellness practices are key, it’s also important to pay attention to any changes in behavior between scheduled appointments so that you can always make sure that your dog is healthy and that you’re able to seek professional advice should you need it. 

  1. Keep on Top of Their Grooming 

Again, this will depend entirely on breed regarding how much grooming time you need to commit. It’s also your choice whether you would like to use the services of a professional groomer or do it yourself at home. 

Good grooming habits for your dog should include:

  • Regular brushing 
  • Coat trimming, if applicable
  • Nail trimming 
  • Regular cleaning, especially after muddy walks 
  • Keeping on top of their dental hygiene with dental-oriented treats 
  1. Guarantee That They’ll Have Company 

Dogs adore companionship, which means they won’t like being left alone for long periods of time. Naturally, this sometimes can’t be avoided when you have a working schedule, but just make sure that your dog has company when it’s necessary. 

If you are home, be sure to spend time playing with your dog to stimulate them as well as bond with them. If your dog needs to be left alone a lot, you may want to consider pet sitting services so that they don’t develop separation anxiety or become lonely. 

These are just some general tips in dog care, but you’ll know your faithful companion better than anyone in terms of what they need and how to best care for them on a daily basis. 

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