9 Signs Your Wellbeing Needs a Boost

There are many red flags to watch out for which signify that you’re not looking after yourself the way you should be. You may not have even considered that your wellbeing could be being neglected, but the following signs will indicate whether your self-care routine and wellbeing needs reevaluating. 

1. You Can’t Remember When You Last Had Time to Yourself

There will always be times when you have to be a little more selfless and do things for other people, but that should never come at the expense of your own private time overall. You’re entitled to time spent to yourself in which to relax and choose what you want to do instead of doing everything for other people. 

2. You Don’t Have a Healthy Routine 

Damaging behaviour may be affecting your life more than you realize, such as sleeping too little, overindulging on alcohol or other bad habits, or always working and never exercising or enjoying downtime. 

3. You’re Suffering from Further Mental Health Issues

A neglected wellbeing may result from, or be a crucial part of, other mental health issues. Mental health problems can directly impact your own physical health and wellbeing, which in turn can have a snowball effect without the proper support and treatment. It’s important to seek support, particularly for those mental health issues which affect your physical health directly, such as eating disorders, so that you can rebuild your strength. Professional treatment can be found with services such as

4. Your Physical Appearance is Being Neglected

You could have stopping making an effort with your appearance, become messy and unkempt, neglecting personal hygiene or maybe even just given up with finding joy in your appearance

5. You Aren’t Doing Anything Which Brings You Fulfilment

You’re only living for what you need to do, such as going to work, chores and the obligations you have for other people. Nothing you do brings you joy or fulfilment like it should. 

6. Your Sleeping Routine is Compromised 

You’re finding yourself wanting to sleep more, or surrendering to bed because you don’t have the energy to think of anything else to do, or take pleasure from any other pastime. 

7. You’re Sacrificing Basic Needs 

Maybe you’re having hurried meals on the go, or instant meals at home to save time due to a busy lifestyle. You might be skipping your lunchbreaks at work and not eating in order to fulfil a demanding schedule. Maybe you’re neglecting a full night’s sleep because you have so much to do. Basic needs such as food and sleep are essential for good wellbeing. 

8. You Feel as Though You’re on Autopilot 

You may be successfully getting everything done every day, like getting up on time, going to work, making your meals and going to bed, but this could be done on autopilot with no joy or emotion whatsoever, simply for the sake of getting through the day. 

9. You Don’t Know Who You Are 

Losing a sense of yourself and who you are is a significant sign that you’ve lost touch with your own identity and wellbeing. You may be no longer nurturing who you are, and have neglected yourself for so long that you no longer understand what you like to do and what your personal goals are. 

If any (or all) apply to you, be sure to take the time to reconnect with yourself, give yourself a break and seek support if you need it. 

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