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Tech is an important part of growing up in this day and age. While many parents worry about their child spending too much time on their phones or in front of the TV, that doesn’t mean it isn’t essential to provide your kid with the best tech. It can help them learn, grow, and communicate with their peers. It’s all about balance! Not sure what tech gadgets to let your kids enjoy? Here are some of the best. 

A Tablet  

A tablet is great for kids, as they can research, watch videos, and play games on them. Don’t worry – it’s easy for parents to place restrictions on tablets specifically for children. It means that kids can enjoy the web without stumbling across something only meant for adults. Plus, you can find tablets for a reasonable price, which is always handy, especially when the chances of a cracked screen are high! 

Tablets are an excellent investment for foster parents, as they provide a way for kids to engage with something entertaining and educational. Go to if you are interested in learning more about fostering a child. 

A Kindle 

While some people enjoy the realness of physical books, there is no denying the Kindle’s greatness. Children are very comfortable with technology these days, which means they’ll find reading on a Kindle a fun way to get through their haul of books. With a Kindle, they can carry hundreds and thousands of books at any one time, all in a single device. 

A Nintendo Switch 

Children love video games. You needn’t worry too much about that – studies show video games help the brain’s development. It’s all about moderation – a few hours of gaming at the weekend isn’t bad, but staying up until 5 am could harm the child’s mental development. A Nintendo Switch is arguably the best console for kids. The games are more kid-focused than other consoles, with games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Animal Crossing available on this console. Plus, with a Switch Lite, kids can play from anywhere. 

A Laptop 

Older kids benefit greatly from owning a laptop. Like with a tablet, you can place restrictions to ensure your kids use it only for child-friendly activities. While kids can do most of their internet browsing on a tablet, a laptop is much better for school work in terms of research, online classes, and writing. You can even get laptops for little hands.

A Pair of Kid’s Headphones 

To let kids enjoy their love of music (and to let you as a parent experience some peace), invest in a pair of child headphones. Headphones are generally better for kids, as they don’t risk losing a single earbud. With a good pair of headphones, kids can enjoy their videos and music without playing it through the entire house. 

A Smart Night Light 

Some kids have trouble sleeping in the dark – this is where a smart night light comes in handy. You can control it via your phone, ensuring your little one has enough light by their bedside when they need it. 

It’s hard to know what tech to buy for children – this list will help you make the right tech investments.

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