Boosting Your Green Business’ Sales: A Guide

While environmental concerns are climbing up the political and social agendas, it can nonetheless be difficult for firms offering green solutions to drum up sales. Ordinary companies and consumers are skill a little dubious about the products or services offered by some green firms, and often these offerings come at a higher price than cheaper, less eco-friendly options on the market. Therefore, your pitch has to be incredibly succinct and persuasive in order to generate sales for your firm. Here’s how you’ll persuade more people to engage with your green brand in 2022. 

Value Proposition

Whatever your green business does, you’ll need to define and then refine your value proposition so that businesses know exactly what you’re offering them. Often, you’ll have three or four key value propositions for the businesses you approach:

  • Your business will save companies money in the short- or long-term
  • It’ll help businesses decarbonize in a world in which regulations and taxes are forcing decarbonization
  • Your firm can help businesses reach new consumers by adding to their green credentials
  • A partnership with your firm will help businesses hit their eco-targets quicker

Your value proposition should be in the minds of all of your workers, so that they know what to say in order to generate sales leads on the phone, over email, or in your marketing material.


Now that you have a refined and perfected sales pitch, it’s time to take it out into the sales arena to see who might be interested in partnering with your firm. Here, you’ll use three main avenues to generate sales for your firm:

  • Emailing companies with a short pitch, and offering them a trial or demonstration if they’re interested
  • Using social media and other digital platforms to push your message and generate leads
  • Calling up important decision-makers directly, through telesales efforts

That last option, telesales, is often the most effective. A cold email can be deleted right away; a cold call, if answered, can lead to a highly valuable conversation with someone with the power to actually engage directly with your firm. Use outsourced telesales professionals if you don’t have the staff to perform these campaigns on their own. 


On the other side of the promotional coin to sales is marketing. You may see less of an instantaneous impact after running a marketing campaign, but you will slowly grow your reach and exposure, which in the long term means that you’ll be more visible to the people who you’re looking to reach with your value proposition. You can market in many ways, including:

  • SEO marketing to get your website to the top of Google’s search results pages
  • Content marketing to share what you do and why you do it
  • Social media marketing to target the individuals you think are most likely to appreciate your value proposition

There are dozens of other options for your 2022 marketing campaign. Again, if you’re unsure how to proceed, it’s worth getting in touch with a digital marketing agency for some pointers. 

There you have it: three of the key stages you ought to take this year to boost the sales at your green business. 

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