Essential Office Equipment You Can’t Do Without

Whether you are setting up an office for your new business or a branch for your existing commercial operations, there are several must-haves that should not miss on your shopping list. Office equipment is essential in helping run productions swiftly without much strain. The type or size of equipment you purchase depends entirely on either your office size, type of operations or even both. If you have a small office that runs large printing, you’ll need a large printer –in basic terms. Either way, ensure the equipment highlighted below is in your budget.


To start with, the obviously-in-your-list equipment is stationery. Be keen when purchasing stationery and ensure you have a list of each item and quantity required. Include, staplers and staples, a box of pens, marker pen, files and folders, tape, printing papers, envelopes, paper punch, white out, paper clips, sticky notes, page flags and the like.

Cleaning Supplies

Here, it’s essential to purchase things like a mop, mop bucket, broom, vacuum if your office has a carpet or if you prefer it to a broom, dustpan, tablecloth, and sprays and detergents for the cleaning process. Buy gloves for the cleaner as well. You may also choose to buy them cleaning outfits if your budget allows. Clients trust a clean office environment, and it helps the staff work comfortably.

Security Equipment

As you purchase padlocks for the doors or other security systems, don’t forget security for your computers and soft copy documents. For these, you can get flash disks and external hard disks that have larger space. You can also budget for cloud storage services for better document security.

Printers, Scanners, and Copiers

There are small printers and large work printers. This will depend on the type of work your office runs. If your office carries out little to no printing a day, an inkjet printer will suffice. However, purchase one that can do all three. For bulk printing, get an A3 laser printer for your office. Laser printers are the best type of printers due to some reasons;

  • They have super printing speed
  • They automatically print double sides
  • They are three in one in that they can print, scan, and copy

Due to the above and more features, the A3 laser printer is large and quite expensive. However, it is the best kind of investment that your office will ever need.

Laminating and Binding Machines

Small businesses may opt out of this option, but there is no reason to. Instead of spending a coin to get documents laminated here and there, how about you get a laminating machine? It is also important to have a binding machine for document binding. These two machines save a lot of time and leave documents presentable for meetings or sending to clients.

Assuming a desktop or laptop has not missed your list, there are many other office equipment items you can purchase to ease work. If you are working with a tight budget, try and get the right equipment by reading reviews or your personal experience with them. However, if it’s possible to stretch your budget further, do not hesitate to spend on the best-known equipment brands in town.

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