Four Reasons a Water Feature is Just What Your Garden Needs 

Most of us live in cities, and not many of us are lucky enough to be able to drive or walk to a large wild area to get our fix of the great outdoors. That is why gardens are so important. Transforming your space from the flat green plot into a getaway jungle can help improve your mental health and wellbeing, just by giving you a natural space to escape to after a long day. 

Knowing what elements impact our wellbeing the most can help you truly get the most out of your garden. Water features, for example, offer so much for our health, and this applies to all water features from pools to ponds. 

When you consider that water is the cradle of all life, you can just begin to understand our innate response to it. Water is life. It is soothing. It is powerful. There are so many reasons to install a water feature, but these are the top four: 

Water Features Can Help Keep You Cool 

The sound and sight of your Water Garden pond does wonders for your mind and spirituality, but it also provides a practical element. On hot days, having water nearby can help keep you cool, just by being nearby. If you need a real break, putting your hands or feet in your pond is an effective way of managing your internal temperature.

Water features are the perfect way to help transform a back yard or garden into a Zen oasis of your own making. Take your mind away and meditate. You’ll feel more relaxed, more creative, and have a cool escape during the next heatwave. 

Water Features are Wonderful for Relaxing 

Ocean sounds, rain, and even just the sound of a bubbling brook can all send us into a deep, tranquil sleep. We have been using recordings to ease ourselves to sleep for decades now. For our sleep, these water sounds provide a constant, non-threatening sound that works to cover any other modern noise that threatens to wake you up. 

It’s nature’s white noise, and it works wonders to help us relax and zone out. If you need a quiet place to just unwind and calm down, a garden with a water feature can be the perfect place for it. Not only will you have the sound of water, but you will also have the gentle symphony of wind traveling through the leaves and the scent of flowers to calm your mind and body. 

They Are Great for Your Mental Health 

As water offers this relaxing feature, water features also provide a massive relief for those experiencing a variety of mental illnesses, including anxiety or depression. Being able to focus and having a safe space where your mind quiet down can help give you a much-needed break. 

Being amongst nature is one of the most proven and effective means to improve mental health and wellbeing. 

Water Features Boost Creativity 

If you want to be inspired on a more regular basis, then invest in a water feature like a pond or a fountain. Water is a beautiful element, and it’s no mistake that so many artists throughout our entire living history have been entranced and inspired by it. The sound, the sight, and even the slightly cool breeze as the wind passes over your pond and reaches you will all work towards boosting that creative spirit within you. 

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