Four tips for hosting a sustainable event

Whether a wedding, birthday, or business event, most people will have to organize an event on at least one occasion during their lives. Although events are memorable times providing plenty of fun memories to reminisce about over the years, they can also produce a lot of waste which, with the increasing focus on green issues, you should try to reduce as much as possible. However, hosting a green event might not come naturally to you, the result being that you become overwhelmed and do not enjoy the planning process. To help you out, here are four tips for hosting a sustainable event. 

  1. Limit gifts

Many events involve the giving of small gifts, whether they are goody bags intended to promote a business, wedding favors, or party bags at a child’s birthday party. However, these gifts create a lot of waste, either by using non-recyclable packaging or having a low value to the guest that leads them to later dispose of the item. Instead, limit the amount of complimentary material that is given out. Rather than providing multiple gifts, you could instead redirect your budget to a slightly more expensive gift that has a higher value for your guests, making them more likely to want to keep it. For instance, a bespoke candle or notebook and pen set. 

  1. Book catering

For ease of cooking and post-event clean-up, you might be tempted to serve food and drinks using disposable plastic plates, glasses, and cutlery. However, this generates a huge amount of waste that, if not made using recyclable materials, will probably end up in a landfill. Remove this problem by hiring caterers who can provide their own plates and utensils for guests, as well as doing the washing up at the end of the night. Not only will this remove the huge amount of kitchen waste but using proper cutlery will give your event a sense of class. Don’t forget about bartenders either – they can provide your guests with a wide array of mouth-watering drinks, all served in sustainable glasses. Visit for more information. 

  1. Take orders before the event

Understandably, you want your guests to have a wide variety of food to choose from, but a lot of waste from events comes from uneaten food. Take orders from guests before the event to ensure that menus are cooked to order, limiting food wastage. 

  1. Natural decor 

Providing decorations for your event produces a lot of waste, from balloons and streamers to specially designed posters and banners. As these are usually customized or disposable, their use is often restricted to the event and, apart from those kept as a memento, typically end up in landfill. Look for a venue or event space that is naturally spectacular enough not to require additional superficial decorations. For instance, host your Colorado wedding outside – any balloons and party streamers will soon pale in comparison to the spectacular backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, and you’ll also get fabulous photographs. 

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