Four uses for CBD oil

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is a chemical compound found in hemp and marijuana. As it is not psychoactive, CBD is becoming increasingly popular in health and beauty products. This means that you could get all the health benefits of hemp without getting high. To demonstrate the extensive application potential of hemp, here are four products containing CBD oil.

  • Prescribed medicines

There is an increasing amount of medical research showing that CBD based medication could have a significant effect on the treatment and management of a variety of conditions. However, as these medications have not yet been approved by the FDA, it is important to follow medical guidelines and remember that these are potential benefits that have not yet been scientifically proven. These range from epilepsy to anxiety disorders to cancer treatment. In 2018, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved Epidiolex, a CBD based anti-seizure medication for epilepsy sufferers, and the first FDA approved medication containing CBD. With hemp farmers concentrating on CBD only seeds, other CBD medicines could be approved for sale in the future. 

  • Skincare and beauty products

CBD oil could have a lot of benefits for skincare; in particular, its use has been linked to the reduction of acne. Recent scientific research suggests that CBD oil could be an effective acne treatment because it can reduce the production of sebum (a significant factor in acne) and has anti-inflammatory properties. Being a natural product, CBD oil could be an alternative to the often highly abrasive chemically based acne treatments on the market. CBD based topical products could be used to treat other skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities. These properties are also popular in more general skincare, and makeup products: from hand cream to mascara, skincare and beauty products containing hemp are definitely having a moment.

  • Health foods

In keeping with the current trend for all things CBD, hemp has also been making its way onto health food menus. While hemp seeds are an established grain in the whole food community, you can also cook with CBD infused oil, make chocolate chip CBD cookies, and even treat yourself to a CBD spiked cocktail. As it is not psychoactive, you won’t get high eating a CBD brownie, but you may feel the benefits of CBD, such as reduced anxiety, improved concentration, and better sleep.

  • Wellness products 

The wellness industry—that is, the industry focused on general health and wellbeing rather than the treatment of specific conditions—has also found a use for CBD oil, marketing it as an additional supplement to take alongside vitamins. Doing this could provide the same benefits found in the other applications of CBD oil, including reduced anxiety, improved skin tone, pain relief and better sleep, helping to promote a greater sense of personal wellbeing. There’s no doubt about it, CBD oil could have a lot of healthcare applications with the potential to improve the lives of consumers without an additional psychoactive response. 

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