Four Ways to Make Your Little Green Business Stand Out

It’s small businesses that are leading the charge towards a sustainable society. Larger companies should be the ones paving the way, but they are so tied up in an old way of doing things that progress is slow. That is where small businesses can come in. Not only do they give customers the chance to shop local, but they also have the freedom to do better for the planet and its people right from the start. 

Just because your business model is sustainable, however, does not mean that your business itself is. You need to get your name out there, and you must build a loyal following to succeed. There are many ways that you can stand out as a small eco-business, and these top four ideas are a great place to get started: 

  1. In your email signature 

Emails are an essential part of any customer loyalty strategy. Done right, you can get your customers to visit your site again and again. You can encourage them to share your business with their friends and family and can even encourage them to buy or subscribe from you without being overly salesy or pushy. A great way to start doing this is with your email signature. Email signatures can be interactive, beautiful banners that add to your branding and the experience customers enjoy. You’ll look more professional with these signatures and be able to generate new leads, add interactive content, and even get feedback with one-click surveys. 

  1. In your community

You can do a lot when you think about how you can stand out not amongst your competitors but in your community. This past year has brought communities together, even if that has been done primarily online. By engaging with the community and, of course, through community action, you can make a name for yourself. This can be done by volunteering and collaborating with other local businesses, or it can be done by taking a stand. You can organize charitable actions that help those in your community and work to get your name out there, or you can bring people together in a safe way. In times such as these, little actions can make you a household name to those nearby. 

  1. By partnering with others 

Small brands need to stick together. This should be done both through local markets and by partnering with artists and other businesses so that you can all expand your offerings and bolster your reach together. 

  1. Through a subscription 

Subscriptions and door-to-door purchasing has become very popular, and there is a lot of ways that you can take advantage of this. From a monthly subscription box to activities that you can post to your customers, there are so many ways that you can diversify your revenue and delight your customers beyond just sending products when they purchase them. Subscriptions give you the chance to get creative and use your business relationships to help yourself and other small businesses like yours succeed. 

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