Fun Games To Play Indoors

As adults we always think that we need to do something special to organise good and healthy fun for our kids. In reality, kids don’t need much to have a good time, whether you play with them outside or you choose the comfort of your home. There are many creative activities for the indoors where kids can develop both physically and mentally. I wanted to be inspired by people who invent new fun ways to play so I talked to the experienced Uptown Jungle Henderson staff, so here are some cool tips:

Bake Time

Yes! Baking is like playing with plasticine only you can eat the end result. This is a fun and creative way to introduce your kids to cooking. This skill is useful and a great way to spend a rainy day at home doing something useful and entertaining. You can buy animal shapes and bake cookies in shapes of domestic and wild animals. This way kids both learn how to bake but also remember names of animals and after the game is done comes the best part, eating all the cookies!

Treasure Hunt

Oh man, this game is fun for both kids and adults, and it’s also simple to organise. All you need is a house, objects to search for and clues. Turn your kids into pirates searching for lost treasure, detectives investigating clues or grave robbers akin to Indiana Jones. Kids will love this game. Not only will they have to think to solve the clues, but also enjoy the strong sense of adventure. This simple quest to find a toothbrush hidden behind the TV can become some ancient hygiene artefact hidden behind moving images. Feel free to use your imagination, just pay attention to your kids’ age and the difficulty. 

Art Exhibition

Now this is something simple and fun. Gather your kids and their friends and create a painting competition where every kid will be tasked with drawing something different. Use pencils, crayons, watercolor, tempera, whatever the kids like. After they are done you can organise an exhibition in the living room where every kid can present what they painted. Recording this event will be an awesome memory and great material for social networks.

Freeze Dance

If you want your kids to be more active, Freeze Dance is amazing. All you need is some space in the living room and music. The rules of the game are simple, everybody dances the way they want until the music stops and when it does you need to hold the last position you were in. Failing to do so excludes you from the game until the next round. The rules are not strict and you can play around with what you think best suits the situation. The best part is that you can join the game and see how much fun it can be when the whole house participates.

Floor is Lava With Balloons

Only this time around you are allowed to touch the floor with your feet. This game involves balloons that aren’t allowed to touch the ground. It is so simple yet so much fun. This is a great active indoor activity that is safe both for the kids and the furniture. Blow a few balloons and throw them in the air at the same time. You can have 2 teams and make a competition. The round is lost the moment a balloon touches the floor. 

Obstacle Course

Use furniture, pillows, blankets, anything you want to create an obstacle course where kids need to get from beginning to end without touching anything. This game involves jumping, crawling, careful coordination and a bit of planning. You can make it competitive by measuring completion time.

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