Go Green: Energy-Efficient Home Improvements

Everyone is going green these days. People understand the threat humankind poses to the planet and they are doing everything in their power to reduce their carbon footprint. If you own a home, do not think that you are exempt from the responsibility of reducing your impact on the environment.

There are plenty of energy-efficient home improvement ideas that you can adopt to make your property a more Eco-friendly habitat, for instance:

1). Appliances

This is the perfect place to start. If you have lived in your home for at least a decade, you are probably using the same old appliances. This is a problem because appliances from just a decade ago are highly inefficient. And even if yours are not quite as bad as some people presume, the latest dishwashers, air conditioners, dryers and the like are simply more Eco-friendly.

Not only are they cheaper but they use fewer resources, including power and water. If you don’t know how to start going green, replace all your aging appliances. This is a decent starting point.

2). Windows

Double glazing has garnered quite a bit of popularity over the years. This is because people finally realize that homes that haven’t invested in double glazing lose nearly 20 percent of their heat through the windows.

Double-glazed windows consist of two panes of glass with gas in between. The costs of energy efficient double glazing are a little worrisome for some households. To get the best out of double-glazed windows, you need A-rated glass which is not cheap.

But double-glazed windows will insulate your home, keeping more of your property’s heat contained. They will also reduce condensation on the inside. This will drastically reduce your heating bill in the winter. You can’t get more energy-efficient than that.

3). Lights

Change your light bulbs. Traditional bulbs consume too much power. They also generate a lot of heat. You need to replace all your traditional lighting with LED bulbs that do not consume as much power. This will cut your electric bill.

4). Thermostat

You need to acquire a programmable thermostat. A device like this will learn the temperature requirements of your home. It will ensure that your heating and cooling systems are only activated when someone is actually at home or when you need them. This will prevent unnecessary waste.

Along with improving your water system and insulating your attic, energy-efficient home improvement isn’t difficult. The key is to minimize the number of resources your home consumes.

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