How Artificial Intelligence Could Improve the World

Artificial intelligence was only in recent decades a completely fictional concept. The idea that computers could process information and make decisions in any way at all similar to humans was a ridiculous and somewhat frightening notion that people either denied or laughed at. There is a tendency to view humanity as possessing a vital spark that separates us from the other animals we share this planet with, however with the rise of artificial intelligence this confidence has begun to wane. Artificial intelligence is frequently proving to meet and exceed our expectations. Despite the fears surrounding it and the natural defensiveness we might feel against it, AI has plenty to offer the world.

Solving and Preventing Crimes

One of the many possibilities for artificial intelligence use is the crime prevention and detection sector. With the right input of data, a computer can detect fraud or theft within a large company such as a bank. It could also view overarching patterns and prevent such crimes from occurring at all. Artificial intelligence is able to analyze and interpret the information at a much faster rate than humans which makes it a far more efficient method of crime prevention and detection. Of course, nearly all AI is devoid of a sense of justice, but the processes used to highlight crime allows people to then solve the issue themselves.

Increasing Efficiency

Speaking of efficiency, artificial intelligence has proven itself time and again to make systems run smoother and more seamlessly. Being able to run tests and discover the quickest solution to a problem saves people time that might have been wasted making necessary mistakes. For example, take a look at how ai is used in the air cargo industry to improve efficiency.

Reducing Risk

Although there is still much controversy surrounding the ethics of driverless cars, they are an example of artificial intelligence having the potential to weigh risks and make decisions based on total loss or gain. This relies heavily upon appropriate human input so as to prevent the AI from making harmful choices, but with enough research and caution, this type of technology could be revolutionary, and not just in the automobile industry.

Food Production

The most important industry in the world is food growth and distribution. It might seem like a risky idea to introduce the new technology of artificial intelligence into an already delicate system such as agriculture. However, AI technologies could be used to improve farming yields and increase the shelf-life of food, making it more likely for more people to be fed across the world. Artificial intelligence could be put to work understanding weather impacts upon crops, managing disease, and picking produce at the optimal time.

The Risks

New technology isn’t itself inherently good or bad, but how humans put it to use could have widely varying results. Every new technology comes with risks. Despite this, there is a huge opportunity ahead of us to use artificial intelligence wisely and with caution to bring about the most positive results.

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