How tech has changed sports

For the past few decades, technology has been changing the sports industry at a rapid pace. In fact, you can argue that technology has even been taking over the sports industry. However, it’s not always easy to determine just how this is happening and what impact sports might have on technology in the future. 

This blog post explores our ever-changing relation between sports and technology by looking back at some specific examples of how tech has evolved in recent years to help us understand what might happen next.

Statistical analysis informs baseball team choices

In professional sports, teams are often built around statistics. This is because statistics can directly inform the value of a player to a team. Statistically, a good pitcher is worth more than a good batter. Thus, teams use statistics to find players that they believe will give them the greatest advantage in future games. 

This technology is now available to baseball fans wanting baseball games to play online. It is now possible for fans to answer age-old questions on who should be in their dream team.

Social media impact

Technology has changed sports for the better and for the worse. Before the ubiquity of social media, sports were much less likely to be covered by media outlets, which meant that many more people would miss an event and would have to catch up on what happened afterward. Social media puts all fans into one cohesive fanbase (which can be extended even further when people follow multiple teams) and allows them to follow their favorite players and teams across hundreds of platforms. For example, Twitter allows fans direct access to their favorite sportsperson

Enhanced training programs

Technology is also making training easier and more accessible for athletes. Coaches can monitor athletes’ performance and keep track of their progress through the use of wearable technology. For instance, wearable devices can be used to monitor heart rate and activity, helping coaches to plan more appropriate workout routines. 

Can wearables prevent sporting injuries?

The adoption of wearable technology is becoming more mainstream in sports. The data these devices collect can help inform professional and amateur sportspeople on their progress. However, this isn’t the limit of wearables. Research on the use of wearables is being conducted to see how they can reduce injuries received in sports.


It seems that technology is rapidly changing how sports are played and how sports are covered. Teams are now prepared to use statistics to find the best players on their team, and analytics are being used to help teams make smarter decisions about the players that they sign. Training programs are being tailored to a sportsperson’s actual performance and sporting goals. Furthermore, technology has also made it possible for fans to interact directly with their favorite players.

Who knows what the future holds? The rapid evolution of technology means that sports fans and their heroes are being brought closer together. Virtual reality already allows fans to compare their own abilities against the pros. The possibilities are truly limitless.

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