How to make the most of a small garden space

Having a small garden space means that you have to put a little more thought in when you want to change the appearance. However, even the tiniest of outdoor spaces can be transformed and tricked into looking a lot bigger than they actually are.

Small gardens also have lots of advantages, particularly that they are extremely low-maintenance and don’t require as much money to do up. If you want to give your smaller garden space a makeover, here are some easy ways to make the most of your small plot of land.

Add new levels

One of the easiest ways to make your garden appear bigger than it truly is to create different levels. You could add a sunken terrace area and a raised lawn, or even different ledges and steps to open up your garden space. 

Decking is extremely easy to introduce to any garden. Just make sure that the riser (the vertical face) is never taller than 20cm; 14cm to 16cm is ideal. If you are considering adding more than one step, the tread should be no smaller than 30cm, but ideally no deeper than 50cm.

Paint a backdrop

By painting a backdrop, you can create the illusion of extra height and space by drawing the eye up. Try a simple two-tone block colour to create a new feature wall. Alternatively, a dark colour will make more of a statement effect and goes great with green foliage.

Vertical gardens

One of the best alternatives for gardeners without a lot of horizontal space is a vertical garden. Vertical gardens are also great for cheaply covering up any particularly unattractive walls. 

When choosing which wall to make into a vertical garden, consider which plants you want to grow. Ideally, you want a wall that gets lots of sunlight so that your plants can have the best growing conditions — research different ideas for garden fence screening for inspiration.

Create zones 

Experts suggest that getting rid of your lawn to create paved zones instead, can greatly increase the appearance of your garden. This visual trick works best by laying paving diagonally from the perspective of the house.

If you are on a budget, putting cheaper light-coloured gravel in sunny spots and bark in the shade, can also make your outdoor space look bigger than it actually is. These lawn alternatives will not only drastically save you time on maintenance, but will help your garden stay looking its best all year round. 

The Bottom Line

Whatever style garden you want to create, these tips can help you make the most of your smaller plot of land. They can also help you save money and successfully transform your outdoor space without burning a hole in your pocket.

Some choose to create additional levels to trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger than it actually is. Others turn to painting vibrant backdrops to draw the eye away from the garden itself. Either way, these tips will help you give the illusion that your small garden is actually a plot of huge farmhouse land!

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