How to Plan a Memorable Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event can be a daunting task. There are many things to consider such as the location, the entertainment and the promotional materials. Not to mention, you need to make sure it is an event to remember. Here are a few top tips to help you plan a memorable corporate event that everyone will enjoy.

Promote Your Event

If you want your event to be a hit you need to make sure you promote it well in advance. Event distribution and paid advertising in local media outlets will allow news of your event to reach a wider audience, while email marketing will help you inform existing consumers. You can also reach out to potential event-goers using social media platforms. Functions such as live videos and stories can be used to engage the public.

Simplify the Process With Technology

Nowadays, most things can be simplified with technology. Luckily, this includes event management. Do yourself a favor and streamline your corporate event planning with an event management software platform. Using a platform you can populate event details using spreadsheet templates, update attendees with essential event information and you can even streamline communications with third-party vendors.

Invest in Signage

Create compelling branding to make your event unique. Incorporate this branding in signage such as banners, printed flags and backdrops. When people attend a medium to large-scale event, they will want a clear indication of where everything is located. Make use of the floor space and install helpful floor graphics that act as way-finding signage. Soyang Europe manufactures and distributes printable media in various forms. They provide high-quality signage that will add a high degree of professionalism to your event.

Striking Wall Graphics

In addition to signage, investing in striking wall graphics can give your event an edge. Use wall space to create a photo opportunity for your guests. Simple branded wallpaper will give your event a red carpet vibe, while a striking backdrop with your branded hashtag will make your event instagrammable.

Hand Out Promotional Freebies

Handing out branded swag can help make your event stand out. Not only does everyone love freebies, but fun and practical products make great conversation starters. When it comes to promotional products, skip the useless keychains and the single service pens. Instead, opt for products that people will actually want to use. Great freebies include T-shirts imprinted with a cool design, insulated lunch bags and BPA-free water bottles. Make sure the products you offer have a purpose, are durable and are memorable. Promotional goods double as efficient advertising tools, so make sure your brand logo is printed clearly on your swag.

Do You Need a Sponsor?

Depending on the type of event you are hosting, you may want to consider sponsorship. Put together a list of suitable sponsors that may be interested in getting involved. A sponsor can help promote your event, take the hit on some of the costs, and they can even appear as a guest speaker.

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