How you could make yourself feel more ‘complete’ in the new year

There are many ways that people can feel empty and unfulfilled as the old year ends. But this feeling of disappointment, which can hobble even the slightest dash of ambition and motivation, might be something bigger than just feeling down about the coronavirus or the state of your paycheck and bank account. It might be something deeper and far more personal. You might feel unfulfilled because you don’t have a goal to focus on, and you have been stuck in that cycle of work-eat-sleep-repeat. With that in mind, here is something that might break that cycle. 

Do something that will give you a goal to work towards

Being stuck in a rut as big as this one is a productive person’s worst nightmare, so you are going to have to break the cycle quickly. So, what you need to do is tie up all of your loose ends so you can pursue new and exciting goals. 

Something that might be a big weight on your mind is an uncompleted bachelor’s degree that you might need to sort out before you think about either returning to education or getting the job that you want. You might have been putting it off out of fear of rejection or just having other things to do that have taken priority. By earning an online bachelor completion degree, you can help move your mind forward and pursue higher goals that might have been dormant for so long. 

What is an online bachelor completion degree?

An online bachelor completion degree is something that you can take if you have almost completed an undergraduate program but didn’t quite get there, for whatever reason. It is designed for those who are returning to the college scene after some time away, either to pursue a different career or they couldn’t deal with the pressure. It is typically an eight-week program that can help returning students build up enough credits to be able to get their degrees and continue with their ambitions. 

If you have the shadow of an uncompleted degree looming large in your brain, something like this could be the answer, meaning that you can get what you need to feel motivated again. A bonus to completing such a program online is that you don’t have to quit your current job or move to access the bachelor completion degree that you want. This can be a huge bonus when it comes to keeping on top of your finances and motivation, and help you feel like there is so much more to life than just working your hours at the office and coming home eating dinner and binging through Netflix until you fall asleep only to do it all again the next day. 

Final thoughts

Again, finding the correct motivation might be a great way to make yourself feel more fulfilled as you go into the new year. Taking a program such as a bachelor’s completion degree might be the perfect way to get what you need to enter into the career path that you want and can help seriously clear the fog and really get things moving. 

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