How To Incorporate Sustainability At Your Next Business Event

Organizing a successful business event takes time and enthusiasm. From selecting the right venue to sending out all the invites, the task requires a lot of ins and outs to be taken care of behind the scenes. Nowadays, there’s an additional element to this planning process everyone should have on their list: incorporating sustainability.

How can these types of events be made more sustainable? One way to go about it is to opt for a venue dedicated to upholding sustainability-minded practices. You could also check for ESG policies and other eco-friendly credentials when researching venues. This will help narrow down your search. Ideally, this venue would also be close to the business to keep it local. Doing so helps cut down on carbon emissions.

Along the same lines is choosing caterers who specialize in sourcing local and seasonal fare. More and more organizations are seeking ways to maintain a high level of style while still making strides in reducing their waste and pollution. Finding the right catering services to meet these demands while also aligning with your attendees’ preferences could be just a few clicks away.

Another way to help minimize the environmental impact of your upcoming corporate gathering is to utilize digital communication. You could use digital invitations instead of paper or even host the event virtually to better capitalize on all the amenities our digital age has to offer.
Lastly, try your best to steer clear of single-use plastics when considering gifts, tableware, and other little items. This is a simple yet highly effective way to help make your event green.

Want to learn more about incorporating sustainability into your next event? Check out the accompanying resource below.

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