Is It Worth Buying a Refurbished PC?

It’s time to replace your personal computer. Do you buy a new one, a used one, or a refurbished PC? Many people find that going with a properly refurbished computer is the ideal solution. Here are some of the reasons why this approach may be worth it to you.


If money is a consideration but you also require a PC with a certain amount of quality, opting for a refurbished device makes a lot of sense. Used computers would cost less, but may have hardware issues that quickly offset any savings generated by purchasing this type of unit. By contrast, a refurbished PC is less likely to have those problems since it’s restored close to factory standards. As a bonus, the refurbished unit may cost somewhere between 30% and 50% less than a new counterpart.

Works Well With Your Ancillary Devices

What operating systems are compatible with your printer, scanner, and other ancillary devices? Since they are all in great condition, you don’t want to replace them right now. A new device may come with an operating system that’s not compatible with those devices. By contrast, a refurbished unit is more likely to have a system that will recognize all of those devices. Assuming the older operating system is still supported by the manufacturer and most of the major anti-virus software providers, you could get several more years of use from your printer and other connected devices.

And With Your Software

What about the software that you prefer to use? Older versions of games, word processors, and other software may or may not work with the operating system on a new PC. Unless you are ready to replace the software, why not go with a refurbished unit and a system that allows you to keep using what you already own? That saves money while ensuring you don’t have to make upgrades that you really don’t want or need.

Get What You Need Without All the Extras

Every new operating system comes with features that are not found in previous ones. That’s great if you would actually use those features. When you won’t, why pay good money for something that is of no real value? You can visit Recompute and invest in a refurbished PC that has all the functionality you want and none of the features or extras that you have no intention of using.

That Wonderful Limited Warranty

Use computers rarely come with any type of warranty. Refurbished computers typically come with limited warranties that manufactures honor. The company that did the refurbishing may also provide some type of limited guarantee. This provides you with protections that are not available with a used system while giving you access to many of the protections found with new ones.

Only you can determine if a refurbished PC is the best choice in your situation. Compare the pros and cons with buying a used system as well as a new one. Like many other people, you may find that a refurbished computer is the right solution for you.

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