Minimizing Environmental Risks At Construction Sites

Building new infrastructure such as manufacturing facilities, transmission and distribution lines, and new homes can all have devasting impacts on the environment. That being said, there are a few things builders can do to prevent additional damage and harm to sensitive ecosystems while working. The infographic below, Minimizing Environmental Risks at Construction Sites, offers a brief glimpse into several ways builders can help protect the environment while working on essential projects to keep our economy humming. It provides solutions to some key environmental impacts such as water runoff and erosion, water and air pollution, habitat degradation, soil compaction, and even noise and vibrations. 

Contractors and construction managers should always have a comprehensive plan in place before work begins to help eliminate the potential environmental damages to the surrounding environment. While legislation can help in this arena, many socially responsible construction companies are already taking the initiative to limit their environmental impact to the environment we share. If you are interested in learning more about how to limit the environmental impacts of construction check out the accompanying guide below. It provides several solutions to some of the most common ecological damages on a construction site.  

Courtesy Of Yak Mat

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