Moving to Management: How to Advance Your Construction Career

Construction is one of the most stable industries a person can enter. After all, society needs new housing, commercial spaces, and renovations for a safe, comfortable, attractive, and supportive environment. For this reason, job security is high compared to many other industries, making it an ideal sector for career advancement.

If you currently work in construction or are considering entering the field, you might be unsure how to move into management. If so, read the following advice on how to advance your construction career.

Complete a Construction Management Degree

There is a misconception that construction workers don’t have one or more degrees. If you want to take control of every aspect of a project, from its scope and schedule to its budget and quality, you’d be wise to complete a bachelor’s degree in construction management. You’ll gain the knowledge and skills to oversee large and complicated construction projects. As a result, you can enter one of many construction manager jobs available in your state. Alternatively, you could become a self-employed contractor in residential building construction, heavy and civil engineering construction, or non-residential building construction.

Express Your Career Goals to Your Boss

Another option is to express your career goals to your employer. Conveying your career aspirations to your boss could encourage them to fund additional training and degree programs, provide extra responsibilities, or consider you for an upcoming promotion. At the very least, your employer might be more than happy to provide advice for entering a management position and may serve as a mentor throughout your career.

Build Relationships with Construction Professionals

It doesn’t matter if you’re in an entry-level role or completing a construction management degree; you must strive to develop relationships with workers at every level. Don’t underestimate the power of a strong professional network in the construction industry. Make it your mission to form relationships with various construction professionals, such as architects, contractors, and suppliers. It will allow you to learn from their experience and may open the door to many opportunities throughout your career. 

Work on Your Soft Skills

Degree programs and training can advance your hard skills in the construction industry, but you must take the time to work on essential soft skills. For instance, construction managers and contractors must possess excellent communication skills to ensure the smooth running of a project, delegate effectively, and articulate concerns or goals.

Also, you must possess:

  • Strong leadership skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Excellent organization
  • Conflict management
  • Commercial awareness
  • Negotiation

Be a Team Player

You must be a team player to climb the ranks at a construction firm. Despite feeling eager to progress in your career, your primary goal must be to work in a safe, efficient, and productive team. Your exceptional teamwork skills will prove to management you possess the correct attitude to become a leader, increasing your likelihood of a promotion. Also, being a team player will ensure you have the right mindset when pursuing a construction management degree.

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