The Best Tech Gadgets For Seniors

Currently, Keeping tabs on senior individuals and grandparents is easier than before. With the new aging in place, technological advancements allow the seniors to live independently and their children stay in the cycle without being intrusive.

In most states, seniors between the ages of 65 years to 90 years are in the position to operate smartphones as well as other essential gadgets. Also, they can use the internet when doing some research or updating themselves on the current news. Here are the best tech gadgets for your seniors.


Most smartphones might prove to be non-senior friendly out of the box. However, you can help them tweak various settings to make them easier to use. There are many options to adjust colors, increase the font size and activate the text-to-speech system which makes it easier than typing on small screens.

Also, there are many smartphones that are uniquely designed and targeted towards the seniors. Apart from the larger icons and the simplified menus, the smartphone for seniors also includes Google’s speech to text technology and other applications. This helps them contact emergency response teams.


If smartphones are small for the seniors, then tablets are the best and suitable options for them. Tablets have the same features as smartphones, but you cannot make standard phone calls or keep them in your pocket.

With a tablet, seniors can still download various applications such as Whatsapp, Skype or Messenger which help them communicate with their friends as well as family members. They can interact with their loved ones either through video or text. Also, they can get additional applications to help them watch television shows, movies or even read books.

Home Monitoring Gadgets

When most individuals hear about home monitoring, they probably think of hidden cameras or baby monitors. The surveillance and monitoring technology has evolved to provide seniors with non-intrusive solutions.

Some of the home monitoring gadgets use wireless motion sensors installed in various locations that are most visited by the seniors. Whether it is their kitchen, bedroom or the whole house, these gadgets help keep tabs on their daily routine. Any changes in their routine will prompt an alert to their caregiver.

Bluetooth Trackers

The process of looking for lost wallets or keys can prove to be stressful. However, finding these essential items will be more comfortable when you have Bluetooth trackers. You can help your loved ones connect this gadget with their smartphones to allow them to track their misplaced items. After connecting them with the phone, you can keep the tiny squares in your wallet or on your key ring.

Your phone will then be in the position to show every item’s last location which provides you with the much-needed peace of mind while saving valuable time. Also, these gadgets have adhesive trackers that you can install on any item and the luggage tags for your traveling purposes. If you are planning to purchase any device for your seniors, it is advisable to visit since they have high-quality communication gadgets that will meet your unique needs and requirements.

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