The Coworking Collective – Why Community Is Important as a Start-up

The importance of community is endemic in the Filipino culture. This community can be seen in both the family structure and how business relationships are formed. In fact, the economic structure in the country has been described as one run by family-owned businesses.

Interestingly, start-ups have a great chance of being successful just because this particular community focuses on establishing relationships before establishing business partnerships. For this reason, community is integral to a successful business. Nowhere is the concept of community more apparent than in the coworking space. Coworking, simply, is the concept of professionals sharing office space, but in this incarnation, coworking has evolved to involve activities that focus on community. Click to Servcorp’s website link to learn just how coworking functions in this landscape.

Continue reading to learn why community is so integral to the start-up in the Philippines and how you can join this exciting business community with ease.

Establishing A Network

Because of the way many coworking communities are organised, professionals are primed to engage others in the community. While the dedicate desk offers its own networking opportunities, the hot desks are the hub of much interaction. As community members engage with each other, much information is passed among professionals.

These conversations present professionals with the opportunity to talk up their businesses and ideas. Furthermore, these conversations are the foot-in-the-door for other serious conversations about business. These informal networking opportunities are significant because they establish a framework for your business.

Additionally, many coworking communities host networking activities that can help further connect to the greater community. Many of these opportunities culminate in you connecting with experts who can be resources, and more importantly, become great mentors. In the end, whether networking formally or informally, these contacts form a solid foundation to help your business.

Taking Advantage Of The Collaboration

All of these networking activities can culminate into opportunities for you to participate in collaboration projects. The collaboration is one way to raise your profile within the coworking community and the Filipino business community as well. Again, as stated previously, partnerships are often established through friends and family relationships, so the community that forms the coworking space is very important in being a gateway to these activities.

For those working in a coworking space, the importance of belonging to a community and engaging that community becomes relevant in the number of opportunities you have to collaborate with others. First of all, you have the opportunity to tap into talented individuals from a number of industries. Then, you gain the benefit of getting information regarding certain industries, especially when industry leaders are also freelancers working in your space.

Participating In Your Community

As a part of its mission, most great coworking spaces not only provide professionals with space to work, but really focus on creating a nurturing environment. For the start-up, this environment almost always promotes and encourages industry. For coworking spaces that focus on helping start-ups establish themselves, community is as integral to the functioning of the business as the standard office space and equipment that come with the lease.  

You could essentially work in the coworking space and forgo all of the social benefits of working in the space. However, part of growing your business involves interacting with others in the community. For start-ups, the coworking space can function in providing a bridge to others in the coworking space and to the greater Filipino community.

A Contender In The Community

One of the reasons companies prosper in the Philippines is because owners have a keen sense of how the community is integral for business growth. By taking advantage of the social benefits of coworking much of the work of talking up your business is done easily. However, the coworking community you belong to can make you a contender in the Filipino business landscape.

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