The Importance of Damp-Proofing a New Building

Are you in the midst of working with an architect and a builder who are helping you draw up plans for a new home you want a hand in designing? There are features you want included and a layout that meets with your lifestyle, but there is nothing you’ve seen yet that meets with your satisfaction. That’s why you are involved in the process from the design stage forward. You may also be wondering why your builder included damp-proofing in the estimate waiting for your approval. Once you understand what damp-proofing is, you will understand the importance and why that extra cost now can save your home and health in the years to follow.

A Damp-Proofing Course

On the itemized breakdown of your estimate, you see that a damp-proofing course is strongly encouraged. With a smile on your face, you wonder if you have to go back to school for a damp-proofing course, but you obviously knew it meant something important to the integrity of your house. 

Then, after a bit of research, you find that a damp-proofing course is actually a barrier built below the basement and in the walls to prevent dampness from infiltrating the internal structure and walls. The cost to property and people could be far greater than the cost of damp-proofing now. Also, it may be required by law where you live so that is something to consider as well.

Your Right to Ask About Solutions

Even though you aren’t a builder or an architect, you are the one footing the cost, so you are well within your rights to ask about damp-proofing solutions. Your builder may tell you that they have been working with WR Meadows worldwide damp-proofing solutions for many years and this is why they itemized costs based on their product ranges and subsequent costs.

Cost Justification

If ever there was a reason to go the extra mile when it comes to damp-proofing your home, or any structure that humans will spend any amount of time in, it would be to prevent potentially life-threatening issues. A buildup of bacteria and mold are the primary ways in which dampness can lead to serious respiratory illnesses

This justifies the cost of damp-proofing and why sealants and related products from companies like WR Meadows are not only important but cost-effective as well. Structurally, dampness can lead to rot and since timber framed homes are still being built, the longevity of your home could be in danger as well.

Borrowing an Old Cliché to Seal the Deal

You know what they say about an ounce of prevention and when it comes to the integrity of your home and the health of all who dwell within, prevention is worth so much more than you could ever calculate. By preventing dampness from building up within structural elements you are also preventing losses resulting from moisture that has nowhere to go. A damp-proofing course is your best defense, and you don’t even need to crack the first book to ace the course! 

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