Top Tips to Ensure Your Athletic Career is Eco-Friendly

The world is at a tipping point, and it is time for us all to do our part to make necessary changes, especially if you are in the public eye. Sports athletes, even those in the collegiate leagues, have tremendous influence, and using that influence to improve their community and promote green living is one of the most lasting legacies they can leave behind. There are so many ways to get started, so follow this guide to ensure your athletic career is eco-friendly! 

Start with the Financials 

One of the most significant barriers to adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle for the average person is the perceived upfront cost. Buying new, sustainably made and produced items is not cheap, and it cannot be cheap; otherwise, someone along the supply chain suffers for it. That is why you need to refocus your priorities when it comes to spending, and this needs to start right at the beginning of your career. 

A high school star athlete does not need to pay the full tuition when simple guidance and coaching can help them apply for a great golf scholarship. Working with advisors is particularly crucial when you are looking to launch your career in the United States. 

And savings don’t stop there, either. Get into the habit of bulk buying, eating at home, and other money-saving methods. As a student, you will save massively with these tips alone, meaning you can instead put your money where your mouth is and stand out as a fan favorite 

Understand the Pillars of Sustainability 

There are varying degrees of sustainability that you will need to understand before you can address them. In 2018, Manchester United revealed a kit made entirely from ocean plastic. Golf balls have been redesigned to be eco-friendly rather than contribute to plastic waste, and even the most common feature in every sport – the sneaker – is making strides towards a sustainable product

These sustainable materials are just one level you can commit to. Another great way you can further your career is to focus on the people, rather than just the planet. As an athlete, you will have far greater say on your local community, so you need to make use of this opportunity and speak on behalf of others. Many prominent athletes have started their own charities to help the world and give back to a cause they feel passionate about. Work on how you yourself can give back to your community. This will not only help you to win the hearts of fans, but it will make you a more attractive signing option for sponsorships.  

Be Considerate of Your Footprint 

Each private jet will emit 20x the amount of CO2 per passenger mile compared to a commercial flight. Though it is not always an option to use more sustainable ways of travel, there are options to offset your emissions. Donate to non-profits that use your money to reforest key areas or invest in carbon capture technology to help offset the impact of your travel. 

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