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Just like in television, where there people who work behind the scenes to make things work and fit in perfectly, so it is in the trucking and dispatching business. Goods and cargo for movement or transportation need to be moved at the right place and at the right time. This is the duty of dispatchers. The people who work behind the scenes to ensure that goods and cargo get to there destinations on time are the truck dispatchers. 

Truck drivers are the ones who move the goods and cargo to the assigned destinations while the truck is dispatchers are the ones who ensure that truck drivers carry the right goods and also get to their destinations at the right appointed arrival times. Following this, it will not be wrong to say that truck dispatchers are among the backbone of the trucking industry. This is the whole idea behind trucking dispatch.

Apart from being the persons who decide what goes where and how truck dispatchers play a very important role in the trucking business activity chain. For trucking dispatch to work, there are certain factors that should be considered, factors that would make trucking dispatch a success. 

However, in this article, we are going to be discussing trucking dispatch software. So, we are not only going to look at trucking dispatch. We are going to be looking at trucking dispatch functions and activities and the latest technology in trucking dispatch software to show a company that is on top of its game in trucking software technology.

Understanding the Trucking Dispatch Function

Like we have stated in the introduction to this article, the trucking dispatch function is a very important function in the trucking industry. Being so, truck dispatching requires a very high level of care and attention to detail. Trucking companies also usually recruit trucking dispatchers to perform this function. 

Without truck dispatchers, an important position will be missing in the activity chain in moving goods and cargo from point to point. 

For trucking dispatch to work, there are a set of functions that are expected to be performed by the truck dispatcher. 

Communication is very important for the trucking dispatch function to work effectively, communication is required. Good communication between truck dispatchers and drivers is necessary for the function to succeed. The communication skill required from a truck dispatcher in trucking dispatch goes even beyond the immediate organization where the trucking dispatcher works as this is also required in negotiating rates with vendors.

Organizational skills are also required in the trucking dispatch function because being able to manage the activities of trucks and drivers requires good organizational and management skills. Apart from managing trucks and drivers, good time management skill is also a very essential skill in trucking dispatch. 

Trucking dispatch is growing as an important function in the trucking industry. With the right technology and application, trucking dispatch can be done from anywhere, from the office or even from your home. 

Trucking Dispatch Software As We Have It Today

Before the overwhelming impact of technology as we have it in the industry today, a bulk of the work of truck dispatching was done manually or by hand. However, all that has changed with the availability of trucking dispatch software. 

As a result of this, there is no scarcity of trucking dispatch software which trucking companies and truck owners can avail themselves. There are so many of them which are also available at different prices with different and diverse features and functions which they promise and Bring to the table in the trucking industry. 

Some of the features which are available in some of the trucking dispatch software include tracking possibilities. Some of the trucking dispatch software also comes with International Fuel Tax Agreements (IFTA) and accounting modules that run with accounting packages like QuickBooks. These and many more are all available with most of the available trucking dispatch software, all made available because of technology. 

But the point, however, remains that not all trucking dispatch software is created equal. Some trucking dispatch software is more advanced in technology than others.  

Exspeedite Maintains The Top Position In Trucking Dispatch Software

There is without a doubt many fishes in the ocean and Exspeedite is one of them. In fact, Exspeedite is not just one of them but sits comfortably at the top in what I consider a very competitive industry. 

Exspeedite maintains the top position in the trucking dispatch software industry for very obvious reasons following its rich and enhanced software modules. The developers of Exspeedite have developed an enterprise rich trucking dispatch software that stands tall in a competitive industry in ensuring the success and growth of truck owners, trucking companies and truck dispatchers. 

With Exspeedite, you can enter all your specifics for your trailer including attachments as you find necessary for your business. You can also view the history of where your trailer has been during any certain load or shipment. 

As it concerns your drivers, with the Exspeedite trucking dispatch software, you can plan a vacation for your drivers. Exspeedite trucking dispatch software makes it possible for you to add vacation time for your drivers with a convenient way to track time used and view the remaining time. 

For truck dispatchers and truck owners, dispatch functions are integrated with Exspeedite to allow you to access your information, so Exspeedite makes it possible for you to enjoy a seamless transition between order entry, planning, billing, and settlements.

As trucking dispatch software, no other software beats Exspeedite because Exspeedite has developed the most complete enterprise transportation management and software solutions for your dispatch operations for private fleets, brokerage, 3PL, and heavy-duty transportation. Exspeedite as a mark of its top position in the market caters to both small and mid-sized trucking companies, ensuring each carrier, broker, and the shipper has a competitive advantage matching the services of large trucking companies.

You can also automatically rate your drivers when you use the Exspeedite trucking software. There are quite a number of benefits that can be found in using the Exspeedite trucking dispatch software. If you desire trucking dispatch software that would cover your business on many fronts, you truly should look no further than Exspeedite.


We have seen how important the trucking dispatch function is in the trucking business and the important role which truck dispatchers play in the industry. We were also able to examine the trucking dispatch function. 

However, the trucking industry has not escaped the impact of technology in our world today. This is now prominent through the numerous available truck dispatch software which is now available. But we are convinced without a doubt that the best trucking dispatch software available in b the market is the Exspeedite trucking software which is developed by Exspeedite Software Company for the trucking companies. 

Indeed for obvious reasons, the Exspeedite trucking dispatch software is the best choice trucking dispatch software for trucking companies with a wide array of possibilities, features, and functions which is packed into the software. As a trucking company or a truck owner who decides to avail yourself of the limitless possibilities of the Exspeedite trucking dispatch software, you stand to benefit from the latest technology in trucking software to ensure that your business succeeds.

Author Bio: Scott Elliott

Scott Elliott, the CEO of Strong Tower and Exspeedite Trucking Software well embodies these great qualities. He currently sees to the affairs of the two companies whose progress rates baffle the mind. He has decided to use his experience as a businessman to better the lives of his very own folks. No doubt his administrative and leadership skills would reflect in his administration as a Mayor, should he be given a chance to serve.

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