What to Write in a Wedding Thank You Card

Weddings are exciting events. They are also tedious, which is why so many brides and grooms celebrate once they end. However, the end of your wedding does not necessarily bring your responsibilities to a close. You are expected to send personalized thank you notes to your friends within the first three months.

This process sounds simple, especially once you open Basic Invite. The website offers users over 180 different colors, allowing them to manipulate every minute detail of their card’s design.

As such, it won’t take you long to design and then order a printed sample. However, designing the ‘thank you’ card is the easy part. Writing a heartfelt message is a far more challenging task. These are just a few of the approaches that couples have used to great effect:

1). Be brief. Your message should be short and sweet. But it should properly convey your warm emotions towards the recipient. Thank them for sharing in the celebration of your wedding. Mention the fact that the wedding was only memorable because you could feel their love and sincerity. Finish by telling them that you cannot wait to create and share more memories with them.

2). Rather than giving vague thanks for the memories you shared at the wedding, mention some of those memorable occurrences. Talk about the rain that fell at the most inopportune moment, all the intimate dancing that happened after, the conversations you had, every notable memory that made the wedding an interesting experience.

Don’t be afraid to talk about the bad things that happened because they will eventually become the funny stories everyone tells about your wedding.

3). Make the recipient feel special. Besides telling them how grateful you are for their generosity and presence, explain that the wedding wouldn’t have been the same without them and that they had filled your special day with wonder.

4). If the card is targetted towards close friends, don’t be afraid to get mushy. Words like ‘We love you’ are simple and yet they can convey your affection for the recipient more powerfully.

5). If the recipient got you a gift from the registry, don’t stop at thanking them. Tell them what you will do with it and how often you will use it. The same goes for a cash gift. Tell the recipient how you intend to use their money. This will show them that you truly appreciated it.

6). If the gift came from someone you don’t know that well, be sure to mention the person you have in common. For instance, if the person was invited by your father, tell the recipient that your father always speaks fondly of them. Finish by saying that you are happy to have met them.

‘Thank You’ cards become easier to write once you realize that the recipient just wants a message that makes them feel appreciated.

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